A good wine can transform your dinner and conversation to another level. The right glass can excite your tastebuds and instantly put you in a great mood, and the next few glasses can really make for memorable evening. Wine has been enjoyed throughout the world for centuries, and there’s never a wrong time to enjoy its warming flavor and unparalleled aroma.

Everyone has their own personal preferences when it comes to wine, and it often goes beyond simply red or white. Some wines are sweeter than others, and some wines have a perfectly dry taste with notes of citrus or vanilla. Certain wines have heavier notes of oak, maple, or berries, while others have a brighter profile with lemon, grass, and hints of tea.

It doesn’t take a sommelier to decide if a wine is good or not, and the only real qualification is whether you enjoy it yourself. A $10 bottle and a $100 bottle can both be equally enjoyed, and there’s more to look for in a bottle than its price or design. One of the most important things for drinkability, taste, and even hangover reduction is the balance of the wine. A high-quality winery will pick the grapes at just the right time and ferment the product at the optimal speed and then sell it once it’s aged to perfection.

Red vs. White

Red and white wines are both made from grapes, but the grapes themselves and the production methods are quite different. Red wines are generally made from the entire part of a darker and older grape including the skin and sometimes even the stem fragments. The more components of the grape and stem means that the final drink will be darker in color and with a deeper, richer taste. White wine is generally made from the extracted juice of younger grapes which provides a tangier flavor and lighter color.

Styles of Wine

It would be unfair to say that all red or white wines are alike. The type of grapes, amount of time spent fermenting and aging, plus the region where the grapes were grown can all greatly influence a wine’s taste. A California zinfandel may look similar to a French cabernet, but the zinfadel’s whole-vine production method will produce a more fruity and fuller taste than the smooth cabernet. A rosé is often pinkish in color and is a balanced mix between red and white wines, and each type of wine has endless spin-offs that bring out different flavors and aromas. Other differences include whether the wine is served chilled, sparkling, and more.

Our Wines

At Leaf & Barrel, we have an ever-growing selection of the world’s finest wines in all of your favorite categories. We look for local, domestic, and international vineyards that have perfected the art of wine. Every bottle we sell tells a story, and we continue to find new wineries that excel in the art of fine wines and more.

Some of our classic collection includes:

Becker Vineyards: Located in Texas Hill Country, Becker Vineyards has been crafting award-winning wines for over 20 years. Try a savory red cabernet, dry white riesling, the award-winning Chardonnay Reserve, or the delectable rosé Folie. With an extensive collection at reasonable prices, Becker provides memorable wines for any budget and taste.

Bollinger: Located in the Champagne region of France, Bollinger has been crafting world-class champagne since 1829. Their luxury beverages are designed to transform any event into a luxurious occasion, and just one sip will prove why they have received endless international acclaim.

Chateau Ste. Michelle: As Washington state’s oldest and most celebrated winery, Chateau Ste. Michelle has savory wines for all tastes. With styles and vintages for every budget, these award-winning wines are great for gifts or that special night out.

Seven Kingdoms: Based after the kingdoms from the hit show Game of Thrones, Seven Kingdoms provides craft red wines that are as robust as they are memorable. Try them out before the show ends to experience what the hype is all about!

Kendall Jackson: One of Northern California’s most popular brands, Kendall Jackson offers incredible wines at a great value. Their chardonnay has become a staple at holidays around the nation, and each bottle provides the crisp and clean taste that can only come from master craftspeople.

Llano Estacado: As one of the oldest wineries in Texas, Llano Estacado provides classic offerings from savory merlots to delicate whites and everything in-between.

Meiomi Wines: Specializing in pinot noir, chardonnay, and rosé wines, Meiomi Wines is a classic winery from the Coastal California region.

Messina Hof: With seasonal collections and some of the most complex flavors around, Messina Hof is one of Texas’ most famed wineries with styles for all tastes.

Robert Mondavi: Named after the legendary vineyard operator, the Robert Mondavi Winery provides some of Napa Valley’s most acclaimed and stunning wines today. Enjoy moscatos, merlots, chardonnays, and other classics alongside limited offerings.

Santa Margherita: Created in Italy over 80 years ago, Santa Margherita has become an iconic Italian winery with multiple vineyards and mouthwatering options. Their pinot grigio may be their trademark, but all of their wines are made with a precision and skill that translate into an exceptional drinking experience.

Criss Cross Wines: As a joint venture between two California vineyards, Criss Cross Wines has excellent choices from zesty zinfandels to smooth cabernets and beyond.

With over 60 types of wine available today, we encourage you to stop by Leaf & Barrel to find the perfect wine for any occasion. Feel free to ask us about pairings and recommendations so we can guide you towards the perfect bottle every time!

“Every bottle we sell tells a story, and

we continue to find new wineries

that excel in the art of fine wines and more”

Leaf & Barrel

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