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Every man needs certain accessories to complete their lifestyle and hobby collection, but it’s often difficult finding everything you need in one store. Whether you’re looking for knives, lighters, butane, humidifiers, or anything else that enhances your hobbies, we at Leaf & Barrel have you covered!

We offer a number of high-end knives for a variety of purposes like hunting, fishing, carving, and more. We sell proven knives from proven brands so you can always be confident in your purchase. When it comes to tools, it’s always worthwhile to get the best, and we have the best knives for any budget and purpose. Plus, we have the perfect knife sheaths and leather accessories to complete your set.


Some of our high-quality brands include:

Kershaw: These knives are built to last and come with a promising guarantee. Choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes for anything from cutting fishing lines to hunting, wood carving, and much more. Choose retractable pocket-sized knives to larger and heavier models. Each knife is made with the strongest materials and quality craftsmanship to ensure perfection.

Case: These classic American multi-purpose knives are an essential item for any man. Case makes a number of specialty knives for hunting, cooking, and much more. Get a retractable doctor’s knife, extra-large hunting knife, or choose from one of their limited collections featuring beautiful carved handles.

Columbia River Knife: These knives are simplistically made but are especially strong and built to last. Choose from a number of colors and designs, and choose the perfect size for your pocket or glove compartment. These are affordable yet very high-quality products, and they are a great introduction into the world of knives!

Muela Knives: These customized knives are designed in Spain and have been produced by the Muela family for multiple generations. They specialize in high-end hunting knives that also serve as gorgeous decorations and collectibles. Each design is unique and distinctively Spanish, and they make a great functional addition to any collection.

Along with knives, we also carry all of the knife accessories you need like leather sheaths, sharpeners, and much more.

For your cigar collection, we carry only the best and most innovative products around. We have a collection of Xikar accessories from high altitude premium butane to cigar cutters, travel-sized humidors, plus humidifier packets. Buy an entire kit with everything you need to get started, or get individual accessories to keep your cigars fresh and enjoyable anywhere you go.

We sell classic pocket-sized lighters as well as butane, mini cigar cutters, and keychain punches. Whether you’re going out hunting or traveling the world, our inventory ensures you can enjoy your life with ease.

Come check out our large selection of premium cigars as well so you have something to enjoy with your new accessories. All of our fresh cigars are expertly stored, and we have everything from classic brands to rarities, limited items, and more. We work with the best suppliers to bring you the best in cigars and cigar accessories, and we only sell products that have a proven track record so you’re always confident in your purchase.

At Leaf & Barrel, we make shopping for men easier than ever before. All of your favorite tools and accessories are ready for you to try out, and we have a large inventory of items to fulfill your hobbies or to get as a great gift. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions or provide recommendations, and we’ll guide you towards the best items that fit your needs. Stop by today to complete your collection!

“It’s always worthwhile to get the best

and we have the best knives for any budget and puspose”

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