A journey into the world of luxury cigars and tobacco is a worthwhile endeavor for anybody who enjoys quality. At Leaf & Barrel, we carry a number of high-end tobacco products to make sure you have the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, whether you’re relaxing during a vacation or celebrating the big raise you got at work.

So, what kinds of tobacco products will you find at Leaf & Barrel?

The short answer is just about everything. The long answer is a bit more complicated than that and includes a long list of top industry names like Djarum Blacks, Al Capone and more. All of these brands are hand-selected by experts to make sure you get the most out of every cigar you smoke and have a range of options. If you like a smaller cigar that still packs a big punch when it comes to flavor, a filter Indonesian blend cigar like Djarum Blacks might be best for you. Perhaps you’re looking for a cigar with a proud history and unique flavor, in which case you can’t go wrong with a box of New World Deluxe Tubo cigars from AJ Fernandez. Basically, no matter what size, type or flavor of cigar you’re looking for, chances are you can find a few different brands to fit the bill at Leaf & Barrel.

If there’s one thing we take pride in at Leaf & Barrel, it’s bringing you high-end tobacco from brands that have spent decades or even centuries perfecting their blend to bring you the perfect cigar. Legendary cigar makers like Arturo Fuente and Abdel J. Fernandez mastered the art of making cigars by taking the traditions they learned from their predecessors and combining them with unique techniques to achieve new, bold flavors that set them apart. Of course, we carry plenty of the popular brands you’d expect to see on the shelves at a high-end tobacco store, including various types of Montecristo cigars, Dunhill cigars, Griffin cigars, and Ashton Corona cigars. If you’re really into quality, you might be interested in one of our Cohiba products. No matter what type of blend you’re looking for, you can find numerous high-end options at Leaf & Barrel to satisfy your needs.

Of course, Leaf & Barrel wouldn’t be a full-fledged high-end tobacco shop if we didn’t carry some of the harder to find products as well, which is why the list of cigar brands we carry goes beyond top brands and ventures into the wild with names like Cornelius & Anthony, La Flor Dominicana, and Joya de Nicaragua. While these might not be the most popular brands you’d expect to see on the shelf at your local smoke shop, the fact that they have the Leaf & Barrel stamp of approval tells you they’re great brands. Of course, if none of these cigars happen to suit your fancy, we have plenty of other cigars for you to choose from. If you want a cigar that’s made in Nicaragua and has that strong, almost-spicy flavor you’ve come to expect, Perdomo has a number of great cigars. More of a Dominican cigar lover than Nicaraguan? H Upmann has been making some of the highest-quality handmade Dominican cigars for more than 100 years, making it one of the oldest commercial producers of this type of cigar.

The bottom line is, you really can’t go wrong with any of the tobacco products at Leaf & Barrel. We take the time to carefully select each brand according to our high-quality standards, which means you’re getting some of the best cigars on the planet no matter what you choose.

“A journey into the

world of luxury cigars and tobacco

is a worthwhile for anybody who enjoys quality”

Leaf & Barrel

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