Do you have pipe tobacco?

We do not currently stock pipe tobacco but are taking measures to do so.  We will keep you up to date on whenever we have this product on hand.

What are some prices?  i.e. the coffee by the pound?

  • Mexican Altura $12.95
  • Italian Espresso $12.95
  • Columbia Supremo $12.95
  • Vienna Roast $12.95
  • Peruvian Organic $14.95
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $19.95

Any there any plans on having a place for people to drink coffee/beer or a place to smoke the cigars?

Yes.  We now have an outside seating area, in the front for the shop, for customers who are looking to relax with a coffee/tea and cigar.  We do not have an area for beer or wine consumption since we are an “off premise” beer and wine retailer.  Unfortunately, it would be illegal for us to do so at this point.

Do you provide samples when someone is looking to try different types of beer?

Unfortunately we do not offer samples for beer purchases.  Our beers are set up for individual and mix & match purchases so that way the customer doesn’t feel obligated to purchase a six-pack of one brand/flavor.  This way you can create your own “sampler” without getting stuck with beers that you don’t like.

We are also working closely with our distributors to schedule tastings for the immediate future.

Why is the beer not stored in a refrigerator?

Beer doesn’t require refrigeration for the sake of short term storage.  To preserve flavor and freshness, we do not overstock beers, keep the store cool, and have invested in window tint to keep harmful UV and heat away from our precious beverages.

When will there be beer on tap?

There are no immediate plans to have beer on tap due to licensing and lack of space to do so.

Any plans on having tea?

We do have tea by the cup for sale from our coffee bar.  As for loose-leaf tea, that is something that we are working on.  Updates to come.

Can someone came in and get cup of coffee already made?  Which ones do you normally have?

We do have a fully operational coffee/espresso bar for the purchase of coffee by the cup.  We offer Cappuccinos, Lattes, Americanos, and regular coffee by the cup.

Do you have any other questions for us?  If so, please send it to us through our contact form or ask us on Facebook.

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