Craft Beer

When you’re ready to enjoy an ice-cold beer, you want to go with a beer you can actually taste. Instead of a big-brand commercial beer that’s been watered down to nothing, try one of the countless new craft brews that are full of rich flavors, sweet maltiness, and happy goodness. At Leaf & Barrel, we have the best craft beers from local Texas breweries plus out-of-state favorites and international offerings.

We have fresh IPAs and Double IPAs full of flowery hop bitterness, lagers that are perfect for a hot day, chocolatey stouts that pair nicely with a cold evening, and so much more. We have a wide selection of styles from local, out of state, and international breweries so you can always find something you love. Plus, you can try out new beers with our customizable six-pack option to create your own pack to go. Mix and match new offerings with your favorites so you never miss out on the best craft beers around.

We’ve got year-round releases and seasonal offerings from local favorites like Alamo, Freetail, plus Ranger Creek and more. Stock up with your go-to beers or pick up a limited release to try something different. We carry the best beers from the craft beer movement, and you’ll taste the difference from commercialized beers on your first sip guaranteed!

At Leaf & Barrel, we specialize in bringing the best of beer to you at unbeatable prices.

All of our beers are stocked fresh and chilled, so they stay delicious. America and Texas, in particular, are going through a craft beer revolution, and there’s never been a better time to crack open a cold one and enjoy the endless flavors and varieties available.

Stop by our store in New Braunfels to get the best in craft beer today!

“Try one of the countless

new craft brews

that are full of rich flavors, sweet maltiness and happy goodness”

Leaf & Barrel

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