Not all coffee is created equally. While gas stations and big chain cafes may provide coffee with caffeine, their options are lacking in the taste and quality that only fresh beans can provide. At Leaf & Barrel, we sell fresh imported coffee by the pound so you can experience the incredible flavor of coffee how it was meant to be enjoyed!

Coffee beans have been one of the most sought after and traded foods in history, and almost every culture around the world either imports or exports it in massive quantities. In both the West and the East, coffee is enjoyed with breakfast, after a hearty lunch, and for late night events where conversation is more important than sleep. It’s a social and productive drink, and it’s no wonder that the vast majority of adults in America have at least one cup a day.

Unfortunately, many people are missing out on the true flavors and beauty of coffee. Over-roasted beans, watered down drinks, and excessive flavorings have masked the subtle taste of coffee at its finest. Coffee doesn’t have to be bitter, and it doesn’t have to be consumed just for its caffeine. To get the complex, floral, and unique taste of great coffee, it’s important to buy fresh whole beans to brew yourself.

We offer the finest beans at a great price from various regions around the world. We have everything from robust Italian beans to earthy Ethiopian beans with a variety of flavor profiles, and it’s worth exploring the options to find one that fits you best. Sometimes, an Italian espresso is just what you need after lunch, or maybe you want a chocolatey Colombian brew after dinner.

Some of our most popular offerings include:


Mexican Altura

Well Balanced, medium-light body and soft chocolate liquor tones with a medium acidity.

Italian Espresso

A dark roast with low acid and intense aroma to let the whole house know you are brewing coffee.

Ethipoia Yirgacheffe

Rich in body with a wine acidity, floral aroma and a berry like after taste.

Peruvian Organic

Good acidity and medium body with a slight buttery after taste.

Vienna Roast

A blend of high grown coffees, roasted on the lighter side of dark. This blend is dropped before oils appear on the surface. Great for espresso or drip.

Columbia Supremo

A balanced varietal that demonstrates all aspects we look for in coffee. Which is sweetness, acidity and a medium body.

The world of coffee is incredibly diverse and flavorful, and it’s worth exploring to see why it remains the world’s most popular drink. Forget gas station and big chain coffees that taste burnt, and instead try coffee as it was meant to be enjoyed.

Stop by Leaf & Barrel to find a coffee that goes perfectly with your favorite meal or cigar today!

“The world of coffee is incredibly diverse

and flavorful, and it’s worth expoloring to see why it remains the world’s most popular drink”

Leaf & Barrel

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